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Fags that hang around skate parks and four stairs that stand around in their unscathed etnies that they picked up at their local zumies. Also, they wear their "ganster" baggy dc shirts that have a huge tear in the side of them. And when it comes to tricks, dont even try to get them to do one that wasnt created by mike vallaley cuz they dont know any other ones. I mean theyll sit there and flip their boards this way and that to try to get you to believe that they can do something but they really cant.

Finally the best way to spot a poser is the way over excessive use of cuss words. Ussualy they use two strong ones next to each other and sounds totally rediculous. This could be combos such as fck ass or sht fck.

The best way to take care of a poser is to call him out. He will imedietly shut up and leave you alone.
Poser- SHIT!! I cant land this boardslide cuz the rail is gay! Fuck this pussy ass shity tit skateboard!

Ok decent skater- well i may not be the best but at least i dont run my mouth and dress like a homeless douche bag! That kid is such a poser! (skate poser)
by Fuzzyyzzuf June 15, 2009
1) one who farms for lead

2) a total bad ass that goes around and plants lead into peoples bodies usually with a gun in the hopes that something will grow from their bodies like an erection
Guy- eat lead mother!
*pow pow*
on looker- shit thats one bad ass lead farmer...
by FUZzYYzZUF June 12, 2009
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