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A spicy beef and pork sausage from South Africa, typically cooked at a braai (SA BBQ). Invented by the boeres (farmers) of South Africa, it can be dried into droe wors(similar to beef jerky) which can last for a long treks. Boerewors is typically served in a bun with ketchup like a hotdog.

Sometimes the name is also given to the beef jerky-like sticks/slices of dried beef.
I had a jol at the braai on Saturday, the boerewors was lank!
by Fuzzba11 December 18, 2005
In capture the flag, attempting to assault the enemy base all by yourself, resulting in death.
I was making a suicide run for the flag, but five guys playing defense fragged me as soon as I grabbed it.
by Fuzzba11 December 11, 2005
An object resembling an afro
I've been growing my hair out over the last few months, its getting froish.
by fuzzba11 April 12, 2004
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