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A fat guy with ripped arms. Usually only good at upper body workouts like Bench Press, Skull Crushers, and Curls.

Used to be the prime contenders in heavyweight UFC but have been replaced by lean guys like Frank Mir and tanks like Brock Lesnar.

Usually these are older guys with 67' muscle cars.
Me: I saw this dude at the gym today repping 275.

Friend: Damn that dude must of been ripped.

Me: Nah it was a fat guy with 22s.
#fat guy #fat ass #fat boy #22s son #gym
by Fusion916 October 07, 2009
400 lbs
4% Body Fat

See E.Honda
Me: Damn E.Honda has cuts in his eyebrows.

Friend: Yeah, hes fat ripped.
#ehonda #e.honda #fat #ripped #cut
by Fusion916 October 07, 2009
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