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An awesome remixer that has done some free remixes, but mostly makes tracks for projects that sell CD's of remixes.

Real name: Sean Stone
OneUp Studios - Time & Space - 15 - The Fighting Priest (Sean Stone)
by Fusion2004 January 09, 2005
An awesome remixer from the ocremix community.
Chrono Trigger Blue Skies Over Guardia OverClocked ReMix
by Fusion2004 January 09, 2005
That annoying shitbot made by CHz. Insult's the hell oughta yah. 'N stuff.
<InsultBot> Shut up Iggy_Koopa, you large fragment of putrescence.
by Fusion2004 December 16, 2004
That guy in that place run by that guy, IggyKoopa.
by Fusion2004 December 16, 2004
I am a remixer that still is in the "sucking stage."
Examples of remixers that don't suck: zircon, DarkeSword, Ailsean
by Fusion2004 January 09, 2005
The most awesome remixer to come around in a while. Both is on the judge panel of overclocked remix and submits remixes to there.
Example of zircon's judging: Well, this is an improvement over the previous version.. but I think there are still some issues holding it back. For instance, the synths are generally 'abrasive'. The opening synth, for instance, should be quieter and more melodic - gliding on those arpeggios rather than slicing through them. The lead synth (which I recognize from a Synth1 bank, heheh) is probably too distorted and saturated for the rest of the mix. Again, consider going lighter on that. The drums also need work. Their sequencing is good, but you need to process them in a more pleasing fashion. The bass drum is not very audible but has a lot of reverb, making the low end muddy. You might try a more substantial kick, but go light on the reverb. The snare is somewhat overpowering, though the hats and crashes are good. I'm not sure if you intended for this, but basically, the drums sound like a march, when I think a laid-back groove would suit the rest of the mix much better.

You're moving in the right direction. Keep expanding on your arrangement ideas, add more harmony, tighten up the percussion and synthwork.

by Fusion2004 December 16, 2004

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