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Used condom discarded in the wild. Often found on the jersey shore. But can be found in parking lots and movie theaters.
Dude I went to the beach, and the only wildlife were seagulls and new jersey whitefish.
by frothywalrus January 08, 2009
The butter that is created from a hasty wiping and a sweaty hot day.
I am churning up a mess of assbutter.
by Frothywalrus January 18, 2008
a particulary violent form of bro
"Stacy punched my dick hello, he's such a fucking agbro"
by Frothywalrus December 18, 2006
To take a dump. Popularized by the song "I Bombed Korea" by Cake, which was an ode to the drummer's love of kimchi and his subsequent bowel movements.
What the hell is that nasty smell? Damn it Felicia, did you just bomb Korea?
by frothywalrus July 01, 2010
When testicles are laid upon the eye sockets of another person.
Steve was going for a routine teabag, when he gave Stacy a pair of Korean goggles.
by frothywalrus September 10, 2009
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