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In the sixties in England, 'fetch' was schoolboy slang for 'to cum'.
"Did you fetch?"

"No, didn't have time!"
by Fronk September 05, 2007
A 7-11 like market, where an ethnic man, perferebly arabian and indian, works. People stop there to get quick food, hence the name, quicky mart.
"Welcome to the Quicky Mart!"
"sup raul?"
by fronk February 23, 2008
A girl with an ungodly large RED and hairy gorilla bush. Referred to as an orangutang due to the red coloring. ALso see gorilla.
"I fucked this orangutang last night, homie."
"this chick with an orange gorilla bush!"
"oh nice bro"
by fronk February 23, 2008
When a girl has an ungodly giant bush that resembles a gorilla.
"Hey dude i fucked this chick with a huge gorilla!"
"Yah, her pussy was so hairy i went limp dick."
by fronk February 23, 2008
A late night out, when you just get so fucked up your fuckin jiggin like crazy. Just off the wall, crazy hyper and stupid.
"Dude, he had a jigg to many."
"I know bro."
by fronk February 23, 2008
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