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when you have sex in a car will its moving
me and my girlfriend went into a taxi and as it started to move we both decided to do The American Car Ride.
by Frightfuldog November 08, 2009
when you have sex will skydiving
Me and my girlfriend went skydiving so I decided to have Flying Sex with her and she agreed to it.
by Frightfuldog November 08, 2009
When a guy anal fucks a chick in a Santa costume.
For Christmas I did Santa's bells with my girlfriend.
by Frightfuldog November 09, 2009
Having sex during an earthquake.
After a huge earthquake, two people were found naked in a bathroom of a destroyed apartment in which they had done the Quakeroats.
by Frightfuldog November 09, 2009
having sex on an airplane during a big storm
Last month I was on an airplane, had nothing to do and it was a stormy night so I asked a Hot chick if she wanted to do the Mile High Storm with me
by Frightfuldog November 07, 2009
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