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A substance that a certain subset of Weight Lifters ingest to increase muscle mass. Bronaise is created by rapidly stroking another man's penis and swallowing the ejaculate. Bronaise can only be attained from another man, and must be fresh to work.
Jeff's gained 20% muscle mass over the last few weeks using massive doses of Bronaise. He's ripped!
by Freidan March 12, 2013
Having uncontrollable bowel movements. The inability to control ones bowel movements. To eat rotten food and then have explosive diarrhea.
I ate some rotten shrimp and then had The Rons so bad I had to change clothes.
by Freidan December 13, 2009
The act of saying what comes to mind without filtering the content, often causing embarrassment or utter horror to those around you.
Matt pulled a peterman the other day and said he liked watching Justin Bieber music videos.
by Freidan April 20, 2011
When a co-worker hovers over with you, with their crotch resting on your shoulder.
Dude I was looking at a wiki and the dude 2 cubes down from me shoulder trouted me. I had to wash my shirt.
by Freidan July 26, 2010
A man who swears he can out drink you but then he has 3 beers, complains he is tired, and then passes out. Frank the Tank also look like Shrek.
We got a bunch of beers last night and planned on getting wasted, Frank the Tank drank 3 beers and then complained he was tired and passed out on the couch.
by Freidan January 03, 2010

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