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A Retail Slave who has been working too many hours, can barely move, is brain dead, and has a glassy look in their eyes. Retail Zombie is usually at epidemic proportions during sales, special store events, and the entire month of December.
I just found Michael barely concious in the breakroom, the Super Sale wiped him out, he's got Retail Zombie bad.
by Freeman Hall November 18, 2007
A person who works in any store.
The Target Retail Slaves are not looking forward to the upcoming Black Friday. Total Retail Hell!
by Freeman Hall November 18, 2007
Someone who hates working retail, makes little cash, feels trapped, desperately wants out, and longs to be doing their dream career.
Jason is a Retail Slut at Macy's selling Ladies Shoes until he gets an agent and sells his Million Dollar Screenplay.
by Freeman Hall November 18, 2007
Someone who LOVES working in retail, makes little cash, is happily content, and feels no need to do anything else with their life.
Tiffany said she'd cover Jason's shift and work a double. Dude, she's a freakin Retail Whore.
by Freeman Hall November 18, 2007
A Retail Slave who has been assimilated by their store (like Star Trek's Borg)making them robotic and forcing them to do whatever bidding The Store commands. Retail Droid Assimilation is most commonly found in retail management.
The customer just called Jennifer a bitch and she smiled and said "Thank You." Dude, she's turned into a Retail Droid.
by Freeman Hall November 18, 2007
To do something so completely astounding and eye popping (shocking) it could be thought of as powerful enough to shake the ground (rocking).
A combination of "to shock" and "to rock".
You shockrock me, dude.
My book is going to shockrock the publishing world into a frenzy.
The rollercoaster was a total shockrock!
by Freeman Hall May 31, 2006
From the depths of Retail Hell....a Stupid Fucking Customer.
If I have one more SFC ask me if everything is on sale, I'm going to slit my wrists and aim the squirting blood at their face!
by Freeman Hall May 04, 2008

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