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A weird band from Kansas City, MO that mixes weird "cowpunk" (bluegrass? rock? I don't know) music with strange costumes and bizzare multimedia presentations. Talented musicians. The leader is also known to host obscure movie nights.
Big Jeter was throwing hotdogs into the crowd and playing a slide show of themselves racing go-karts.
by FreeNachos November 30, 2004
When Christmas doesn't go as planned, as in "A Christmas Story" when Ralphie asked the Mall Santa for a Red Rider b.b. gun and was offered a "nice football" instead. Not that there's anything wrong with football.
I asked for a cheeseburger but all they had was a fish sandwich. It's a total football Christmas.
by FreeNachos April 23, 2005
Elaborate instrumental noodling, be it jazz or metal, flute or guitar. Any complex instrumental solo. The word stems from Carl on "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" doing a mouth-guitar solo to impress his lady.
"Ron Burgundy's jazz flute solo is some great wheediling."
by FreeNachos February 20, 2013
To express complete agreement.

Easily abbreviated to "FT" for text messages.
Chad: Are you going to Mitchell's party?
Lilly: For totallys.
by Freenachos November 08, 2007
The World Adult Kickball Association. The kickball league popping up every major city. Many players participate to meet friends and go to the bar. There is also competition and sometimes funny costumes.
I heard WAKA is sponsoring an awards dinner at the end of the season.
by FreeNachos November 30, 2004

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