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cheekbones that sell cosmetics, hipbones that sell anorexia.
wow, she is in great shape! she's 5'9" and weighs 82lbs!!
by fredo October 22, 2003
a final summation of our lives that, for most, occupies less than an inch of space in what will shortly become cage liner for the neighbor's parakeet.
Joe Smith (1945 - 2003)
Hard worker, husband and father of two...thats about it, nothing special about this guy.
by fredo October 22, 2003
an opportunity for people to confess to millions of viewers what they would be ashamed to admit to their next-door neighbors.
i'm soo ashamed of cheating on my husband with my brother, i have to confess on the Jerry Springer show!
by fredo October 22, 2003
Duck Ass is that obnoxious Meg Ryan-esque hair-do that middle aged suburban women get trying to look edgey and young. There are many variations of it but they all involve a fearthery burst of hair at the base of the skull. It is a close relative of the mullet.
Tina came back from vacation with a salon tan and a duck ass hair-do. Why can't she just swallow her pride and age gracefully?+
by Fredo May 20, 2004
An uppity bitch, usually white, who drives around in high priced cars, either SUVS or brand new Jettas, whilest drinking Dunkin Donuts Iced COffee and talking on her cell phone and not paying any attention to the road.
-see slutfor
Damn, look at those whorenows! Looks like they haven't gotten their daily iced coffee injection yet!
by Fredo February 15, 2004
vast network of business empires whose role is to divert us as society crumbles, and to accelerate the crumbling so that we require more diversion. comparable to the band that played aboard the titanic, except that in this case they've also supplied the iceberg.
that movies was great, all the bright lights, explosions and action really diverted my attention as the world dies.
by fredo October 22, 2003
corporate euphemism for "let's save a little money by firing half our staff and making the other suckers work twice as hard."
by fredo October 22, 2003

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