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Something that at first glance appears to be totally glam, but is really a scam.
laser eye surgery
Revo styler
by FredEx November 22, 2004
Someone you think is one sexual orientation, but is really another.
"...turns out he's gay! Why does he have to be such a controsexual?"
by FredEx November 22, 2004
A cross between a Bear and a Dragon. The word comes about from the noise bears make 'rar' and of course dragon. It also came about because I was bored....
"I am going to fly to town on my rargon now"

"When you find yourself in the company of a halfling and an ill-tempered Rargon, remember, you do not have to outrun the Rargon..."
by Fredex December 02, 2006
Someone who gets blamed for things that aren't really their fault.

To be annoying and silly. i.e 'Christ, you're such a peon. piss off'
'shit. they captured the flag. It was that bloody peon Fred's fault'
by Fredex November 22, 2004
Wraiths, Ghosts (Ground Wenches), Banshees (Sky Wenches), Scorpions (Big Metal Wenches).

Anything that is not a fine vessel.
"Yarrr there be a wench over yonder"
"Shit, Sky Wench!"
by Fredex December 15, 2004
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