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The fragrance that permeates your clothes after leaving a Mexican restaurant.
When we got home from dinner at Don Juans we were Stinking Of Spanish
by Fred October 16, 2004
clearly profess person with uber skills
omg Death_Jester_ you own us all
by Fred June 16, 2004
nerds like to believe that, because they don't have any friends and prefer to spend their weekends sat infront of a computer screen 'socialising' on internet message boards with other like-minded losers, they are in fact 'unique non-conformists'

sadly, they're deluding themselves

see also: geek, outcast, loser
nerd: donnie darko rocks. I can totally relate to the main character, I'm just like him.
me: shut up bumfluff
by Fred September 25, 2004
n, v, adj, adv, interjection, etc.
A higher, undefinable state of being. The state of being better than everyone. Anyone/thing can be FALZ, and one intrinsically knows if one is FALZ.
(opposite of zlaf)
That was FALZ.
by fred April 07, 2004
To surgically remove a testicle using a scythe. Very painful and gruesome. Also has been known to make your woman quite unhappy.
Fred got one cut from his herd. Kelly dumped his ass
by Fred April 03, 2004
1.bullshitting like hell
2.going off in a modd for no reason
dude u are doing a padd E because it obvious that u are not related to the mafia

dont mind him he just went off on a padd E for some reason
by fred March 29, 2005
A play on the word 'quality', it's used to denote something that really isn't of great quality.
Toys made in china might be described as kwalitee
by fred March 14, 2005
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