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The Latin name for the common chav.
And now, as we approach the Chav (of genus Chavius Innitus), we will get ready to fire the harpoons.
by Freakything April 30, 2007
Vampires who love Burberry and will suck the life out of you by spraying you with Lynx. Allergic to rock music, they find their power in heavy gold jewellery (hooped earrings for the females, thick chains for the males). If their power source is stolen or taken, they will scream “You’re well gonna get beatin’s!” before bursting into flames and dying.
The chavampire howled in pain as a spork was thrust through its' intestines.
by Freakything April 30, 2007
Huge, monstrous sea-dwelling Christmas crackers. Tend to explode at random points, showering you with cheap paper hats, cheesy jokes and neon coloured plastic novelty toys. Extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.
The Krakers smashed the boat to smithereens, destroying all life within.
by Freakything April 30, 2007
An expression of disgust; an expression of indifference; random word said with no meaning
"Blick." she said in digust.
by Freakything April 30, 2007
Abbreviation of "Teens With Animal DNA" - a roleplay which will typically involve a group of teenagers in a laboratory who have been infused in some form or manner with the DNA of an animal.
Unfourtunately this type of roleplay is being overrun with illiterate n00bs.
"Let's do a TWAD RP!"
by Freakything March 05, 2007

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