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A hillarious movie about these two hot black CIA agents (male) that have to watch over these two white girls that are extremely rich and party a lot. They get in a car accident and refuse to appear in public, so the guys have to get extreme makovers and act like them and trick all their friends. An awesome movie with great quotes.
"I'm gunna have a BF."
"A BF?"
"A bitch-fit!!!!"
by Frank1000 July 28, 2005
Laugh Hysterically Out Loud
person 1: whyt did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!!
person 2: lhol!!
person 1: You're the only one I know who uses im slang over the phone. *hangs up*
by Frank1000 June 19, 2005
Used in place of the word "what?". Popular in Cinci, Ohio.
Person 1: Blah, blah, blah.
Person 2: Wubba?
by Frank1000 July 08, 2005
a) Idiot.
b) Word used with gangsta words such as homie ect.
c) Combo of Cool and Fun.
a) You make us look like fools!
b) Yo, fool, muh homie g.
c) That was sooo fool.
by Frank1000 July 28, 2005
Another way of spelling rock.
Person 1: School of Wrok is a cool movie.
Person 2: Heck yes!
by Frank1000 July 08, 2005
New Found Glory. A bad band that totally sucks. The lead singer has the worst voice ever recorded.
1: NFG rocks.
2. Wut you smokin?
by Frank1000 July 28, 2005
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