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The act of hovering or placing fried chicken near one's exposed genitalia to attract a potential mate. This act is also often referred to as "greasing the gooch" or "KFC courting".
What's up baby? You look like you're the kind of skank that would totally go for some feisty seasoning play right now.

"Why is Charlie tying that Zinger Tower Burger to a fishing rod and hanging it over his crotch?"
"That my friend, is called feisty seasoning."
"Ah yes of course, I read about that in Brett Ratner's piece for Douchebag Diorama."
by Frame_Runner January 16, 2012
A delicacy consisting of ready-made sliced bread cooked in a steaming device. Reccomended steaming time differs according from person to person, but it is generally agreed to do so for upwards of 45 minutes.
Kids! Dinner is ready! Get your steamed bread and grittlebits while they're hot!
by Frame_Runner January 16, 2012
An overweight/obese person (typically female) who has an inelegant outward appearance. Also commonly seen with short curly hair.
Hey, check out that chick over there! There's a frump-chunk if I ever saw one!

Sorry sir, this is a strictly no frump-chunk zone. No amount of Axe body spray is going to divert my attention from your inelegant outward appearance.
by Frame_Runner January 15, 2012
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