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A term used by people of extreme stupidity to describe uncontrollable urination as they think diorama is the reciprocal of diarrhea.
Don't blame Jeff and Brendon for wetting the floor. They have uncontrollable diorama.
by Larry Lee January 05, 2008
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Diorama is an AMAZING band from Germany. There is no classification for their music, but they are usually labeled under "goth/electro" or something similar. Their sound is entirely unique, with the mood varying from melancholic to intense, with melodic, harmonic and unbelievably amazing vocals. Many consider their music "dark", some say depressing, but really it is all beautiful and dramatic. This man has the most sensual voice ever. One day this band is going to be much bigger than they are right now.
I love the song "Brainwashed" by Diorama!!!
by amaroid September 01, 2006
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