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person which can be described as very annoying, obnoxious in their habits but also somewhat arrogant, rude and narcisistic. The word is a combination of "Prick" and "brat"
Ron: Shit, dude. When Dave came over telling me how cool his record collection was and that mine was shite, and what not, I was ready to smack his ass.
Alex: Yeah, he's a prack.
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
to devour, eat quickly in a disgusting manner
that burger was disgusting but I was so hungry I gnorled it.
by FormFaktor May 01, 2003
Originally: annoying, crying, unnerving small child (brat).
Newer: person with annoying habits who tends to poke people continually in sensitive spots (figuratively speaking).
Also used for inanimate objects, that are annoying to their user.
That dance teacher is such a goddamn bratze. He keeps on making me do double loops and twirls until I vomit.
by FormFaktor April 01, 2003
A place or situation you encounter and does not meet your expectations in any way.
Man, I booked this vacation in the Caribbean in a 5 Star hotel, and when I got there it was a zero-oasis.
by Formfaktor July 14, 2005
collection of women in a business, social or other setting which are impenetrable and will block any advances of a business, sexual or other nature by dint of their being a group "that sticks together" by a bond of men hatred and internally escalated peer pressure.
Example 1:

guy1: did you get feedback on our proposal to the client?

guy2: nope. I sent it 2 weeks ago, left messages, but I assume it got stuck in the funky chicken club.

Example 2:
guy1: shit, those girls look hot over there.
guy2: forget about it. they're a funky chicken club.
by formfaktor March 23, 2005
Meaning 1:
object which resembles kitsch, junk or shwag or is just bad quality. NOT the same as corny

Meaning 2:
Clichee statement or stereotype
Example 1:
Gerd: Man, look at that replica of the Empire State Building. It's so kitschy!
Ron: Yeah, it's corn.

Example 2:
Ron: "Fuck these frog-eaters"
Alex: "Dude, calling the french that is totally corn"

by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
as a verb "to flarg" can mean to make a mess of something literally or a situation or plan figuratively.
Example 1:
He completely flarged Mimi's apartment when they had the fight

Example 2:
Jon had everything totally planned out to the max, but when Ron should of shit-faced, everything got flarged.
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003

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