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12 definitions by Flix

Front of Board. The best spot to stand at a live music concert, i.e. right in front of the soundboard. This is where tapers usually set up.
"Yo, I was totally FOB to see the 9 and they busted out a phatty Sockets. Yo where's my dank balloons??"
by Flix February 01, 2006
A characteristic of obese people, especially women, where their excess fat creates a protrusion in the front as large as (or larger than) their posterior, hence the "double bubble".
"Whoa, check out the double bubble on that hot mama with the cat sweater! She must eat a lot of KFC!"
by Flix June 16, 2008
1.A breakoff from a group, either physically or socially.

2.An area chosen for this purpose.
"WTF are they doing in the satellite?"
by Flix February 02, 2006
richard tomkins
god look at that spotty cunt!
by FLiX July 08, 2002
someone that is annoying or just lame
"god garath ball is a FUCK TARD!"
by FLiX July 03, 2002