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Cutting your wrists while jerking off, and using the blood as lube.
Did you hear how Jack died?


He was jerking off and didn't have any lube so he gave himself a Red Reverend. He bled out before he could finish.

by Flemdaddy February 09, 2011
Giving someone an enema with your shoe. This includes but is not limited to: A boot, high heels, sneakers, chucks, track spikes, and all forms of footwear.
"I am going to ass shoe your ass if you dont shut your ass."
by flemdaddy November 10, 2008
Lubricating a popcan that has been shaken violently and placing it into the rectum.
Man I just had the best Anal Popcan, it was exploding inside of me.
by Flemdaddy February 09, 2011
Fucking a woman over 53 years of age and splooging inside her. When you pull out you have dust and cream all over your cock.
So I banged Betty White yesterday and had the biggest Dusty Creamcone afterwards. My dick was covered in dust and pussy residue.
by Flemdaddy February 09, 2011
the act of shoving your cell phone in a girls vagina hole in order to stop the cream pie effect.
So i blew it in her vagina hole, then that shit started to come out so i gave her a German tampon
by Flemdaddy November 17, 2008
When you fuck a woman of Mexican origin and your dick smells like salsa afterwards.
I was fucking Maria last night and when I was done I had the biggest salsa cock.
by Flemdaddy February 09, 2011

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