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An email sent while taking a poop.
I had to send my boss a poopemail when I came down with a bustin' case of diarrhea.
by Flashbone September 14, 2009
The act of playing any sport after consuming one or more FourLokos.
Cliff: Dude you are super sweaty, where'd you just come from?
Shayn: Epic game of FourLokoBall.
Cliff: AWESOME, how was it?
Shayn: So much fucking fun.
Cliff: Did you win?
Shayn: Haha I can't remember man.
Cliff: Well what sport did you guys actually play?
Shayn: Umm... Actually I have no idea. All I am sure of is that at one point those croquet hammer things were involved.
by Flashbone November 24, 2010
Identical twins who have the uncanny ability to predict the future.
Seth: Casey Wood totally called that Black Swan would be an awesome movie.

Tyler: Tobey told me the same thing, and it was.

Seth: Those two are Nostradoppelgangers.

Tyler: Totally.
by Flashbone December 27, 2010

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