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The action taken such that when having sex in a car with a sun roof, the man thrusts upward so that the woman's (Jill) head emerges through the sunroof and moans in delight. Similar to the childrens toy the Jack in a Box especially when performed with random thrusts.
I was dogging in the park last night and whacked it while watching a Jill in the Box.
by Flacido Domingo July 18, 2008
Action taken where the recipient of cullilingus punches the giver in the face when they come up for air and ruin the moment.
Two guys at a gym:
Hey Joe, why so many aerobics classes?
I really need to work on my VO2 max.
OK, how'd you get the shiner?

Jill and I were doooin it. When I came up for air, Jill let go of my ears and smaked me one, it was like being in a human whack-a-mole game.
by flacido domingo May 31, 2009
Adj. describing the demands of a customer for a supplier to perform extrodinary amounts of extra, usually useless work, when the supplier is already struggling to meet delivery usually to the detriment of workers who have no control over the situation and to the complete ignorance of those who created or can control the situation
I just got off the phone with HP, since our supplier didn't deliver we have to work nights and weekends to meet schedule. The program director requested that I "juggle my shit" while giving daily updates to APAC at 10 pm.
by Flacido Domingo December 09, 2008
Verb. The process where an organization, usually a corporation, having the quality of incompetence such that executive management is forced to purchase another organization for leadership. The incompetents first donate their decision making and later their jobs as the purchased organization's management takes over often creating opportunity for formerly lowly drones to take over for the formerly "best and brightest" of the donor org.
"I can't believe Quantum Inc. bought us back in 2006". "don't worry, it will take about a year but the organ-donor-ization has already started"
by Flacido Domingo September 13, 2008
Noun. describing a vagina, typically that of a Cougar whose birth canal is soft and creamy but not very satisfying similar to the center of a candy bar. Var. Cougato when the vag in question belongs to a latina.
I was dating an older woman and even though she had a hot body she had a cougat. I had to flip her over and lube the poop chute to get off.
by Flacido Domingo September 13, 2008

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