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Combining 5 hour energy with any booze and caffeinated beverage as a makeshift power bomb. AKA an Improvised Explosive Device.
Without 4 Loko, they used Mountain Dew and Gin to create an IED
by FitzFranchize December 26, 2010
"Bombing", or dropping a 5 hour energy into a 4 Loko, and immediately consuming the resulting concoction. Can be made more eXtreme by adding vodka pre-explosion.
Terry Schiavo's doctors should have prescribed her a power bomb.
by FitzFranchize December 26, 2010
A Power Bomb or IED performed by a man, woman, or creature sporting a mustache
We were doing power bomb's when Ron Jeremy came in and Dirty Bombed us.
by FitzFranchize December 26, 2010

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