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an alcoholics drink. vodka usually somewhere from $5-$10 USD for a liter. Minnesota's crunk drink for kids who dont give a fuck.
that silver wolf will get ya violent
by Fish__ November 05, 2007
The active chemical in Dramamine. Can be taken for vertigo, or motion sickness. Also can be used to trip at high doses. It will make clear plastic wrap peal off the walls and shimmer into your body, and will make you talk to people who really aren't there, but they really really seem to be there. The best distription for a dramamine trip is a dream. Just like a dream, foggy, unsequential.
"Dude, I took 800mg's of Dimenhydramine yesterday and I was talking to you and your uncle the whole night, and plastic wrap was pealing off the walls and shimmering into my body!!! LMFAO!!!!"

"I was out of state yesterday dude....LMFAO"
by Fish__ March 20, 2008
stands for S.W.W.
stupid worthless whore.

a dumb bitch, stuck up bitch, etc.
she's fuckin hot!
yeah but she's a fuckin s-dub
by Fish__ February 06, 2011
triping balls on Acid so the shading on everything is moving like crazy.
"holy shit dude, its windy as hell in here!! weeeeee!!!"
by Fish__ October 28, 2007

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