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2 definitions by Firefoxett

sports flip flops worn with a pair of ankle high socks. Also typically worn with (but not limited to) shorts, sweat pants, or pajama pants.

Most predominantly found on college campus's
"dude, I just bought a new pair of bro flops from Adidas!"

"Some people wear flip flops to the beach, but I like to get sand in my socks. That's why I wear bro flops."

"Today I woke up and got dressed as usual, but when I got to the door I noticed my shoes were gone!?, so my only choice was to wear sandals; but I didn't want to take my socks off... so I decided to wear my bro flops"
by Firefoxett August 10, 2009
any thing associated with a fro.
frojob..., isn't that afrociated to a edgar allen bro
by Firefoxett November 18, 2009