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The act of making love to an afro.
My girlfriend doesn't believe in premarital sex, so last night I settled for a frojob.
by freshalex February 02, 2008
A: giving or receiving fellatio while having very curly hair
B: having Jonah Hill do a job.
Ex: I had a dream where bob ross woke up giving me a blowjob and smiling. It was disturbing but soothing.

Ex: If Jonah Hill never got super duper popular, he would be working a linear blue collar job in an office, eventually giving an A Example frojob to work his way up.
by eldigato June 24, 2012
A sexual act given through creating friction between a person's afro and a second person's penis. Similar to a blow job or a hand job.
"You see that guy's afro?"

"Yeah, it's perfect... I just wanna fuck it."

"Ew... you're into fro jobs?"
by E-Rud August 12, 2009
When a man or woman takes the fro on top of their head, and shakes it between the legs of a female to incite ticklish, giddy pleasure.
I heard last night that Hannah got a fro job from Dan, and that she loved it.
by Mr. Mitttenhands October 10, 2011
the act of receiving oral sex while a third party fondles your hair ( this happens most often to males with "jewfros" hence the name)
I told my girl to give me a frojob yesterday but she couldn't find anybody to play with my hair.
by Brikwal December 10, 2010
essentially a tit wank but using an afro instead of breaticles
Adam: Dude i get a frojob last night it took hours to sort the hole out!
by Spacemanmadeofgold August 09, 2009