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A music sequencer along the lines of Reason and CubaseVST that lets you mix synths, drums, bass, samples, and effects to make your own "groove".

IMHO, one of the best music programs ever, although some people complain about the synths being too sharp.
"Dude, I made a killer track in Fruityloops!"
by Firefox May 30, 2004
In the broadest sense of the word, a plurrorist is a hippie raver. one who hugs people and spreads the idea of P.L.U.R. or Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.

Previous erradication attempts have failed.

See also: hippie, goa, gay, faggot, perv, fudgepacker.
"Dude, that raver so totally ran up and HUGGED ME!"
"Don't worry about it, he's one of those gay plurrorists."
by Firefox May 30, 2004
The name of the senshi of Io. Chosen after her authentic name was forgotten when she awoke from a 1000 year coma, trapped inside a crystal coffin. Also, a defective Ionian in the world of Nemesis. But Lapis said "Hi" to her, and Nil is her 'tousan, so its all good. ^___^
“Did you catch your breath yet?”<p>

“Huh?” Fyrsiel said. This question had caught her off guard. Guess he wasn’t as dumb as she would have hoped.<p>

“Um.... NO... I still need to catch my breath...” Fyrsiel said quickly. Maybe he was one of those sympathetic fighters. Perhaps he only fought someone if they were at 100% strength.<p>

Nomed picked the scythe up in a tighter grip. “Nomed doesn’t feel like waiting anymore!”<p>

Fyrsiel sulked a bit... So much for that theory.
by Firefox October 11, 2004
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