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1. Instrument designed as a modern replacement for the Double Bass (or Contrabass or Upright Bass or String Bass or whatever you wanna call it). It is tuned the same as the Upright Bass (or Contrabass or Double Bass or String Bass) or an octave lower than the bottom four strings of a guitar (both mean the same thing, so it's not that big of a deal what you say).
2. A fish.
1. Anyone who thinks bassists are failed guitarists should probably be shot.
2. Let's call our clan the Large Mouth Vampire Hunters!
by FireAarro February 29, 2004
Cello virtuoso.
Person 1: "Yo mama plays with that stick all day long!"
Person 2: "It's Yo-Yo Ma, and it's called a bow."
by FireAarro November 13, 2003
The Little Commie Bot, has an uber-powered buster and dies a lot. Has a machine called the "Ran Generator" which generates a new Ran every time he dies. Stars in many Megaman sprite comics such as the Primer Chronicles, Bob and George and Plague's Misadventures. Is the masterpiece of Kalinka/Calinca Cossack, daughter of Dr. Cossack.
1) *Ran Dies*
2) My GameShark died even faster than Ran!
3) Booyaka Ran!
by FireAarro June 03, 2003
1. Species of muskrat that is only found in the eastern regions of Kazakstan
2. Slang term for Tamagotchi
1. I'ma go git me som' slades fo' dinner
2. Fucking Slade shats every 20 minutes...
by FireAarro February 29, 2004
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