a code word used to stop a conversation when something needs to be covered up because it is embarrassing,private, or about a person who just walked in on the conversation.
Person 1- Man that Matt Kid is a fa...
Person 2- Muskrat,muskrat.
Matt- Hi guys!
by Terr Ahlander May 11, 2008
the patch of hair that sometimes grows at the top of the ass crack. Usually becomes visible when the person bends over.
When Steve bent over at work I could see that his muskrat was very bushy.
by ruggala December 24, 2004
Noun; One who engages in rebellious destruction, most often attributable to substance consumption.
David and I were such Muskrats. After the game, we rioted, inflicting thousands of dollars worth of damage.
by Hobson the Muskrat September 17, 2013
The performance of sobriety when drunk, on drugs, etc.
My mom came home after I'd taken 15 tequila shots, but she didn't even know because I have such a good muskrat.
by Muskrat King February 02, 2012
The male equivalent of a hood rat. A skanky, sleazy male with no regard for standards who will sleep with anyone. (This is a large percentage of the male, college-age population)
Let's go find some musk rats!
That dude was a total musk rat.
by RatHunta99 November 02, 2010
What you call the most attractive person in your group of friends. Usually is perfect in every way and everyone is jealous.
"See that girl over there who is so beautiful and smart and perfect?"
"Yeah, she is a definitely a muskrat, dude!"
by klasjdhladksjhfaldk December 14, 2013
A small penis that is over powered by the bush that surrounds it; when a man's pubes are more impressive than their penis.
The girl was diggin' my style until I dropped my pants and she saw the muskrat.
by RockCock555555 January 24, 2012

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