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a word describing some german twat who think he's cool
you dirty savas, go home!
by FiRe March 20, 2005
A retard who cannot spell pansy properly
00:42:09 <+SBS5DjChrissy> predator
00:42:14 <+SBS5DjChrissy> are u a panzy? too?

^^ see, a fool
by FiRe September 02, 2004
An artist who shows exhibits of bent nails, rubber cheeseburgers, half of rooms, things in jars. You know. I think Mr. Lennon sums it up well. . .
"Yoko is a con artist. Concept artist is only 'con' with 'cept' on the end." - John Lennon
by Fire June 04, 2005
1. When rapping and doing a good job at it. Used a lot when rapping against someone.

2. What happens when you really mad and about to fight.
1. I'm bout to spaz drop the beat.
2. I spazed on dude. He was talkin' shit.
by Fire October 09, 2003
If you have a large amount(a brick) of almost any drug you break it down to 20, 10, and maybe 5 sacks. Then you cell it on the street.
Yo we gotta break down before we hit the block.
by Fire October 10, 2003
When you're banging a chick on the beach, Throw sand in her eyes, thereby blocking her from seeing the facial she's about to receive..
While fucking Betty I took a handful of sand and blinded her right before shooting all over her face...
by Fire January 15, 2005
internet mainly, short for Courtney Love
Have you heard CLove's new album yet?
by Fire May 12, 2004
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