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Hikaness or Hikari Yakawashi, is one of the two hosts (along with Doodles) of The Pencil Show, which was shown live from a cardboard box. She rocketh mightily.

Dom's Testicles!
by Fire August 27, 2004
mispelling of 'tubular', invented by myself and two others. We decided, after using it for a week or so, that it means 'vibrator'. But don't tell anyone else that.
by Fire May 12, 2004
When Ed unexpectedly plays as a doctor and ejaculates into some coffee, and a 'Jabba' drinks it
I DrCaffeine'd him last night
by FiRe February 03, 2003
This girl that works at sears and is a squirt and a midget.
Hey squidget!
by Fire April 07, 2004
See clarinet.

My name for the clarinet, a Bb woodwind instrument with a little over four octaves of range.
There is also a bass clariphone, alto clariphone, and over twenty different other kinds of clariphones.
by Fire August 28, 2004
A big girls blouse who idles in #Wireplay on QuakeNet
<Avalyn> bugger off hippy

<Avalyn> ???
<Avalyn> ?!?

<Avalyn> damnit
by FiRe November 18, 2004
Hot Ass Man
Kevin is HAM to the max
by Fire May 12, 2004

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