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Always the most amazing girl you will ever meet. A very pretty scene girl that is often confused about life and what she wants out of it. Gets lost easily and needs her boyfriend to find her. Amazingly unique. Makes guys named Jules or Julian fall inlove immediatly. Always knows how to brighten your day. Loves guys that say, "Just alil bit."
"Wow. Your amazing. You must be Malaya"
by FindingNemo February 24, 2010
One's relentless circling of the perimeter of a party in pursuit of sexual encounters, repetitive in nature. The shark finally works up the confidence to approach, but those inside the party act as seals, darting away when the shark finally makes entry.

Some sharks have especially weird fetishes, and approach only upon smelling blood.
After sharking for hours, Alden finally broke through murky waters to snatch Alex, but she had fake tits.
by findingnemo September 15, 2013

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