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To adhere strongly to, to follow closely. Also used to describe the presence of an unwanted person who will not take a hint.
1) That adhesive is brilliant. It sticks like shit to a blanket!
2) I knew they were following me, but I couldn't shake them off. They stuck to me like shit to a blanket.
3) She latched on to me in the bar and I couldn't get rid of her. She stuck like shit to a blanket.
by Finbarthebad September 20, 2007
All speech and no action, like many politicians.
He's in there saying what he's going to do, and what he's not going to do - all piss and wind as usual.
by Finbarthebad May 19, 2007
An obsequious servant, waiter, or sales assistant; one who continually follows closely behind their employer/customer, fawning and pathetically eager to please.
The moment you entered the store, you had a fartcatcher treading on your heels.
by Finbarthebad May 19, 2007
Despite your best efforts, a task or assignment has met with total failure.
' I've tried everything, but it's not going to happen.The job's fucked/knackered'.
by Finbarthebad August 14, 2007
An expression of disgust or annoyance generally at the wanton stupidity or crassness of another, a facetious request for the Last Rites, indicating one has thrown his or her hand in, and given up altogether.
'The stupid bastard forgot he should be at work today? Wash me and send for a priest!'
by Finbarthebad August 14, 2007
Physical exertion, especially that used in performing a manual task.
He's happy enough sitting behind a desk, but mention a job involving britches arse steam and he'll be off like a shot.
by Finbarthebad June 22, 2007
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