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chicano is a term used to describe a hispanic person who was noy born in mexico but was born and raised in the barrio.
i am chicano not mexican.
by fernando July 27, 2004
The effect a bright yellow house has on a neighborhood.
When living in a yellowcaust neighborhood giving directions are easy. E.g. "I live across the road from the insanely yellow house. You can't miss it."
by Fernando September 02, 2004
money, dollar bill.
Hey, let me borrow 10 bonikis.
by Fernando May 29, 2004
british slang for shit
Oh shites!!!What was that for?!?
by fernando November 22, 2004
When you shit in someones ear and then fuck the shit.
Dude, I went to a gay bar and I think I was monster mashed.
by Fernando November 16, 2004
short for el producto; a brand of cigars that are often used to make a blunt
get the lp so we can roll a fat one
by Fernando April 26, 2005
A person's rear end, also known as the BUTT.
Hey, get that pencil out of my bobo!
by Fernando May 29, 2004
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