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A fantasy/sci-fi cliche, wherein the defeat of a given villain triggers the catastrophic destruction of its immediate environment, ie: the dungeon collapses, the planet explodes, the spacecraft implodes into the 37th dimension, etc.
Game Master: "The giant falls dead, but just as you think you're safe you feel the floor of the cavern begin to shake and rumble ominously."

Player: "Aw crap, he's a load bearing monster! Loot the body and run!"
#cliche #rpg #role playing game #sci-fi #science fiction #fantasy
by Feo2 February 03, 2009
A term coined in the 1990's, referring to a sense of nausea and disorientation similar to seasickness or car sickness, caused by graphical lag in virtual reality helmets, such as Virtuality arcade systems. When turning one's head the display would lag a fraction of a second behind, resulting in a disagreement between the wearer's sense of balance and sense of sight. Cybersickness is a probable cause for much of the rapid loss of interest in immersive cyberspace and, to a lesser degree, the cyberpunk movement.
I tried playing Dactyl Nightmare on an old Virtuality system, but it nearly made me puke from cybersickness after a couple minutes.
#virtual reality #cyberspace #vr #cyberpunk #vertigo #nausea
by FeO2 July 11, 2013
/ko͞oTH uhp/
Verb: To become polite, or 'watch your mouth,' usually stated as a warning or demand.
(In the presence of a dignitary)
A: I gotta go take a piss.
B: Hey, couth up.
#polite #civilized #mature #rude #puerile #obscene #grow up #watch your mouth
by FeO2 October 03, 2011
An albino groundhog who lived in Wiarton, Ontario, famed for prognosticating the end of winter on Groundhog Day. Found in an advanced state of decomposition in February of 1999, Wiarton Willie was was given a grand funeral wherein a plush toy stood in for his body. A replacement (Wee Willie) was later sought out, and a limited edition Beanie Baby was released. A statue of Willie, situated in a harbourside park in Wiarton, is said to look like an erect penis from the harbour. The entire history of Wiarton Willie is doused in oddity and shenanigans.
I went down to the harbour to see that statue of Wiarton Willie; yeah, I see what you're talking about.
#groundhog #groundhog day #wiarton #holiday #strange
by Feo2 July 09, 2010
The state of projecting unwarranted arrogance and false superiority
It's a busy Saturday afternoon, and that self-impressed wanker just parked his oh-so-important car across two parking spaces.
#arrogant #selfish #self-entitlement #haughty #egotistical #self-absorbed #asshole #douche
by FeO2 October 11, 2012
An abbreviation of "troglodyte," which means "one who lives under a rock." Originally referring to individuals of low wit and hostile chauvinistic values, the term has more recently come to be ironically abused by racists and sexists. Also used as a racist term for orcs and trolls in the shared universe setting of Shadowrun - possibly the basis of the redefinition of this word.
The word "trog" is primarily used by trogs, but they don't know that.
#troglodyte #bubba #racist #sexist #hillbilly #hick #redneck
by FeO2 March 22, 2010
When straightforward design veers sharply off track and spins out of control due to the temptation to add increasing numbers of non-essential features, the basic direction and even function of the design can suffer. This is the basis of futilitarian design.
The Jeep is a small, tough, agile and cheap light scouting vehicle. Its replacement, the HMMWV, is large, expensive and easy to high-center. This is a prime example of a futilitarian vehicle.
#utilitarian #design #fail #futilitarianism #overengineering
by FeO2 May 15, 2008
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