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It is a very cool club in Sofia,more specially in Student's city.Most of the people there use drugs and a lot of alchohol.It's a nice place to get stoned and chill out with friends.The decorations inside the club are builder's stuff, so the name "Stroeja" in bulgarian means building.
Nobody can see exactly how stoned you are cause after 12 o'clock nobody is sober in this building.
by fen April 11, 2005
little snotty 16 year olds with pr0 dreams

play for 8 differnet teams at once........and like to use the term random while lsitening to himself speak with loopback 1
by Fen March 19, 2003
do e-thug in front of an icnredibly sexy mattress
cap thuggin at y0 cuzzins WERD *()#$(#$&*
by Fen March 19, 2003
Oversized spanyard Tanks that laugh at jokes without even knowing what you are talking about..prone to lots of burger king to survive ....Gaumy's often encounter problems..like breathing..and excersise...
Guamy's will put you on ignore if you hassle thier clan...
by Fen March 19, 2003

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