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1. Morgan Freeman: American actor usually playing(the wise black man) in a movie (shawshank, Robin hood, batman, etc..)

2. a name now used to describe ones remarkable wisdom and understanding in any given situation. Regarded as a humble sage or mystic.
A: thanks for the advice. your like the wise black man in all those movies

B: Morgan Freeman?

A: Yeah- you’re my Morgan Freeman

"im a little tired and a little drunk so my advice is less then Morgan Freeman at the moment"
by Felix Greene April 04, 2009
A botched name given to describe Nazi German Zombies
"Holy FUCK DUDE! I was playing Call of Duty and a ZERMAN JOMBIE just ate my fucking face!"
by Felix Greene April 05, 2009
like the terms tits on a boar, man, or board etc... the term "tits on a boat" is used to describe how useless or incompetent someone or something is.

Believed origins of the term:

1) in history it use to be considered unlucky and a bad omen to have a woman on board a ship.
2) the figure heads on the front of a boat (usually a woman with baring breasts) though aesthetically pleasing had no real use other then for superstition and aesthetic.
"your as useless as tits on a boat"
by Felix Greene April 02, 2009
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