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One of the things in which guys care about besides the 2 b's (Boobs and Beer)
"I want a robotic hand just like in Star Wars DAMN IT!"
by FAVNILA January 29, 2009
A charge by Japanese soldiers with a bayonet or knife to kill the enemy in battle but also to die in honor if not effective, and to avoid being captured or surrendering. Used a lot WW2. Banzai means Long live the King/Emperor.
I was playing campaign on Call of Duty World at War and I was killed when a soldier used a Banzai Charge. BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Favnila February 01, 2009
A person new to a online video games like Call of Duty or Halo. Usually think them selves better than other players but aren't good at the game. Annoying and stupid sometimes.
EXP player :Shut up you ******* Noob!!!!!!!

Noob: O my God thuck my cock!
by Favnila February 23, 2009
A girl so obsessed with everything that America stole from Japan, Inkheart,or any book by Dina Meyer. Except Power rangers and toy robots
Girl:She is reading Mango
Fan girl: It's Manga (snort)
by Favnila February 02, 2009

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