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An employee of the United Penile Service, thier job is to deliver males to other men for homosex and other devious activities related to gay sex. A tip for the maleman would often include a round or five of butt jousting.
Bob- man I'm bored, i could for something cool and fun

Dave- I know, let's have the Maleman cum... come over and bring us a guy!

Bob- sweet deal
by Father EEP January 17, 2008
An ancient god worshipped by homos who is said that could offer a rain of beautiful naked men for other men only and would exterminate women, until he was banned by subsequent social acceptance. He sits alongside Satan waiting for bad homos to come to hell so he can please them with many anorguysm
After having an extremely gay sausage and mayo breakfast, Cash offered his blessings to testaclees
by Father EEP January 17, 2008
A man who enjoys hot steamy malecreamy goodness entering the inner depths of his rectum
Todd- hey, jimmy, I hear you like dick in your ass

Jimmy- hell yeah, i'm a hardcore buttstove
by Father EEP January 17, 2008
When a gay guy cums onto or into another queer man
After viewing Guys Gone Wild, Roy had a huge orguysm into Marth
by Father EEP January 17, 2008
Employer of all Malemen, who seeks to deliver males to other men worldwide.
Roberto- Hey, Jimmy, I wanna work for the United Penile Service and become a maleman

Jimmy- Wait, doesn't that mean you'll deliver men to other guys?!

Roberto- Yes, it most certainly does

Jimmy- Then I must be your first customer!

Roberto- Thank you sweety, let me give you an orguysm

Jimmy- yay i get to be your buttstove
by Father EEP January 17, 2008
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