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Gender confused "it" that lives in the middle of nowhere, in shack #22. All of his "friends" left him to go to the great war. He randomly names objects and bugs. He has a very "colorful" imagination and a preferance for rusted metal. He likes it when the "red water" comes. He has a lack of intelectual skills and utterly terrified by human speech except for his own, as shown in episode 5. There are currently 7 episodes all of which created by David Firth.
(as Salad Fingers stabs his finger on a rusty hook) "I like it when the red water comes out"
by Fat-Pie April 15, 2006
A term used instead of "burn" often used after someone makes a great comeback.
guy1- Hey Joe, what's up?
guy2- your cholesteral!
random guy- Grilt!
by Fat-Pie April 15, 2006
used instead of using yo mamma in a comeback.
yo daddy is so stupid he went to a 69er's game to get some ass.
by Fat-pie April 15, 2006
J-Lo's retarded sister. Used to make fun of someone.
man, is that R-Lo or yo mamma?
by Fat-Pie April 15, 2006

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