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3 definitions by Fangina

take a large bong rip, exhale into your partner's love hole, and then enjoy the hit from your partner's natural pipe.
dude, I'll marry the first girl that lets me smoke da queef!!
by fangina July 29, 2007
Mode of conveyance used on Disneyland's Hounted Mansion ride.
Beyond the mysterious stretching room and portraits that transform before your eyes, a "Doom Buggy" awaits to transport you to a world of humorous houseguests, silly dances and ghostly galas.EEEEEK!! I just vomited!
by fangina August 23, 2008
Pronounced "jine"
A generic reference to a wife or girlfriend
Sorry dude, I can't play poker tonight because "The Gyn" wants to spoon in bed and watch Greys Anatomy.
by Fangina March 08, 2008