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One of the funnest men ever, He rules and anyone who dislikes him should be shot into a pitt!
He is nearly as funny as Eddie Izzard which is sayin something
by Family Guy rocks February 18, 2005
The nice way of saying you hate someone
I don't hate you, I dislike you!
by Family Guy rocks February 20, 2005
Tony Blair is George Bush's sidekick and he (tony blair) will do anything for their master (george Bush) for eaxample: store nucluar weapons or invade a country george Bush dislikes at the time (which is now Iran)
tony blair is to george bush like robin is to batman.
by Family Guy rocks February 18, 2005
Best cartoon character ever
says hilarious things like: "In the 80's i was always in bed by 8 .. and home by 11! Oh!!"
by Family Guy rocks February 18, 2005
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