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When one is cheated from his money or goods.
Billy was speckledorfed by Hooker Jane
by FaggotBoyFresh March 08, 2009
its pretty self explanitory say it like a fat ass cat being crushed
Ah SHNARF SHNARF nuggets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by FaggotBoyFresh March 08, 2009
a cat ball sack or tic tac chode
kameron is a faggy monk shit cat sack
by FaggotBoyFresh March 08, 2009
A rare barry found in the projects of Compton. It is also known as the Weedbarry because it is a sweet drug that will get you high as fuck! You will seriously be tripping balls like Billy Mays in a mighty putty commerical
Tyson and I were juicin a Fucklebarry so we could get high!
by FaggotBoyFresh March 08, 2009
in the act of being a super duper fag
Kameron was preforming diggeryfaggedfuck during class on Wednesday.
by FaggotBoyFresh March 08, 2009
It's been described as the coolest damn thing ever. It is the CEO of a massive company, a ligit hooker, a genius, and can do tons of magic tricks, as well as tell funny jokes. It is basically the greatest thing ever, right after the invention of tits.
The Panda Monkey Koala CEO genius hooker glanced at me and told a funny joke while jugging chainsaws on a unicle over a pit of sharks.
by FaggotBoyFresh March 08, 2009

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