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The sexual act of fucking a girl while smoking a blunt at the same time.
"Dude, I gave this chick The Panda last night. It was amazing! What could be better than smoking weed and fucking?"
by Panda OMG November 27, 2009
Slang term for genetal herpes. Looks Cute and cuddly on the outside, but "The Panda" can be mean and vicious.
1) I slept with this hot chick last night, but the bitch gave me the panda

2) Watch out for that slut. She has the panda...

3) I really want to sleep with this girl. But I think she has the panda

4) The panda is like a fruitcake. You get it at least once a year but you never want it

5) If you have it, The Panda is the gift that keeps on giving...If you want it or not...
by x_hunter_x March 10, 2011
when you cum on a person's face and punch them in both eyes. the resulting bruised and cum laden face is known as 'the panda'.
'I love a little bukkake session...I also like it rough. PUNCH ME IN THE FUCKING FACE!'
"AIGHT, BITCH" *Thwat* Thwat*
"Yeahhhh" *Looks into the mirror* "I look like Kung Fu Panda"

by Fo_Sho March 21, 2012
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