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12 definitions by Fagdonna

what you say when you see Bilbo tonguing Gandalfs testicles.
"looks like Bilbos Ballbaggin again"
by Fagdonna May 26, 2004
the best, its better than better, it's the betterest!!
"my dead baby collection is the betterest"
by Fagdonna May 22, 2004
the act of kicking a girl out of a moving car after you have recieved oral sex from her.

related words: injured girl found at the roadside
"yo so i picked up some chick last night dudes and we drove around and then i totally El Guapoed that bitch!!
by Fagdonna May 22, 2004
slightly better than better.....
"ive seen much more betterness than your dead baby collection"
by Fagdonna May 22, 2004
a term of endearment.
commonly used as an affectionate term for your girlfriend, wife or mistress.
can also be used to describe the greasy substance that is excreted from sweaty hemhorroids.
"oh hey my little moomar, i love you"
by Fagdonna May 22, 2004
the transformation of straight to gay.
"as soon as Lance flipped his wrist limply toward those big sweaty truck drivers i knew the poofening effect was now irreversible"
by Fagdonna May 22, 2004
a term coined during the gay rights movement of 1995 in San Francisco, USA.
Poofenism relates directly to words transcribed from ancient Hebrew texts found in the toom of Sir Richard Simmonstein III.
Poofenism is now used to describe the act of poofening or working in a Salon.
"lets get gay, Poofenism is on the way!"
by Fagdonna May 22, 2004