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10 definitions by FactRzerO

One who acts with increasing stupidity and doesn't realise it.

One who is so incredibly stupid and needs more than a clue to get back to reality.
Ben is a total claff. Someone needs to check him. check
by FactRzerO July 03, 2003
37 7
Someone is so perverted it makes them seem retarded.
Billy is a pervtard. He thinks about sex so much he can't focus on breathing right.
by FactRzerO November 17, 2003
11 1
Quite simply, a penis.
Woah bitch, I'm gon' spray yo' face with muh clam shootah!
by FactRzerO November 07, 2003
10 5
When someone farts and they didn't quite know it was going to end up on the floor.
"Hey guys, listen to this one! *splash* oh CRAP!"
by FactRzerO June 27, 2003
6 3
A very cute woman noticed that probably has an equally cute vagina.
Woah, now that's a sweet-looking patootoo!
by FactRzerO November 07, 2003
5 3
A laptop that gets hotter than hot on your lap when you slap it while watching porn.
Ooh damn, money shot is coming up. I'm ready! Go away mom, I'm busy! Wireless rules..
by FactRzerO May 03, 2005
15 18
All those whom were born from a Vagina.
Gen=Generated from
Sup all ya cuntogens?
by FactRzerO August 29, 2003
2 5