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- The highest capacity at which a person, place or thing can be fucked (i.e. damaged, ruined, weird, chaotic... whatever definition of "fucked" you like)
- 100% Fuckage
- All-systems-go Fuckulation
"Man, I think that last jump I took allfucked my front suspension.."

"Holy Jesus, this carnival is certified Allfucked."
by FUGGYEW May 12, 2009
Short for Music Nazi
Anyone who a) relentlessly bitches on someone for the volume or type of music they are listening to or b) someone who relentlessly bitches on someone because they are listening to any sort of personal music device and/or c) if the Muzi is an authority figure, commonly a teacher, they immediately confiscate said device for as long as they are able to.
Cruel Teacher Muzi: "Hand it over."
Victim: "..fat whore Muzi.."

Old Muzi: "Turn down your damned head-bangin noise!!"
Me: "FACKAFF!!!"
by FUGGYEW January 07, 2009
Ammo for the "Boomshot" weapon in the video game Gears of War
"Shit, I'm out! I need more Boomo!!"
by FUGGYEW December 07, 2008
A trailer, typically for a movie, that shows or reveals key scenes or plot elements, making one's first full viewing of the film less exciting. Mixture of the words "trailer" and "spoiler".
Because I saw Paranormal Activity's troiler, I already knew the bed sheet would billow up in such the way that it did.
by FUGGYEW January 06, 2010
The dance that numerous (usually two oncoming) people do in a desperate attempt to avoid collision with one another.

Usually involves several direction changes from left to right. Often, the dance partners will actually collide with one another or simply stop and stare at each other, until a decision is made.
Due to the irritation of the Pre-Collision Dance and the resulting death or severe injuries, I hereby instate the North American "keep to the right" standard of transit organization to apply to pedestrians as well!
by FUGGYEW July 20, 2009
A single word to describe any situation which at first seems to be going wrong and bad, then corrects itself near the end, sometimes immediately before it. Nokay situations can also be caused by coincidences or pure luck.
Billy's slapshot would have missed the net entirely had it not ricocheted off his teammates helmet at the last second, scoring. "Damn, what a nokay situation, eh?" his teammate said to him after

"NOOOooo...kay.." Sandra exclaimed as her foul ball curved in bounds just before landing
by FUGGYEW April 05, 2009
The craft of producing a combination of aerial sound vibrations which are able to be universally accepted as "Music" on a percussion instrument of assembly of such with relative ease. Can be accomplished with ample instruction and practice. To construct a pattern of these vibrations in the form of a "beat", a Drummer must repeatedly make contact on one surface (or several simultaneously) with one or both of his or her tapered wooden cylinders. To amplify the volume of the vibrations produced as a result of this process, the Beat Technician may increase the velocity and/or net force which the cylinder deliveres to the beat surface.

The Drummer is drumming.
Drumming is fun.
"Stop drumming on my baby's head!"
by FUGGYEW February 02, 2009
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