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1.The act of your balls bouncing around in your shorts/pants making a percussion like sound. 2. The act of your balls beating against a drum kit.
1. Dude, I was running earlier and this chick totally caught me drumming!

2. See Will Ferrel Stepbrothers.
by NAUJ J June 13, 2011
The craft of producing a combination of aerial sound vibrations which are able to be universally accepted as "Music" on a percussion instrument of assembly of such with relative ease. Can be accomplished with ample instruction and practice. To construct a pattern of these vibrations in the form of a "beat", a Drummer must repeatedly make contact on one surface (or several simultaneously) with one or both of his or her tapered wooden cylinders. To amplify the volume of the vibrations produced as a result of this process, the Beat Technician may increase the velocity and/or net force which the cylinder deliveres to the beat surface.

The Drummer is drumming.
Drumming is fun.
"Stop drumming on my baby's head!"
by FUGGYEW February 02, 2009
banging her drum til it brakes.
me and kris where in the bandroom drumming all class.
by quad hoe. November 07, 2007
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