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adj: 1) comparable to the awesomeness of bacon

2) containing enough bacon to render the beholder smitten with the item
1) This is, like, as great as bacon! It's bacontastic even!
2) This is the greatest cheeseburger ever! It's bacontastic!
by FTfreakingW April 10, 2010
1) A realm in which the streets are paved with, the fruit of the trees are, and the very air is filled with bacon; a bacon-lover's paradise
2) A euphoric, nearly orgasmic state a person can be in after consuming the perfect amount of bacon with their meal
1) "I had the dream again: I was in bacontopia and it was awesome!"
2) There was so much bacon on my pizza... was in bacontopia!
by FTfreakingW April 12, 2010
An onomatopoeia for the sound of someone or something eating

Origin: Sesame Street, when Cookie Monster would devour cookies
If one sees a person eating a giant sandwich, this can be described as an epic nom
by FTfreakingW April 10, 2010

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