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Any follow-up ass wiping that is loosely associated with a prior shit. Primarily to make sure the ass is completely clean before leaving the homestead and going out to locations where bathrooms might not be as available or as user friendly as you’d prefer them to be. Also useful to clean swamp ass.
Father Jimbo will be ready to go to the bar as soon as he makes one more phonecall and does a maintenance wipe.
by Father Jimbo February 16, 2010
When you feel an itchy wet sensation around your anus, a maintenance wipe would be necessary to clear the condition. Usually caused from not wiping good enough the first time or from ripping a wet one (known as sharting).
"My anus is wet and I need to wipe, this requires a maintenance wipe."
by shofmonkey March 04, 2005
A clean-up wipe required after a unexpectedly messy fart
Bro, That sounded wet! I think you are going to need a maintenance wipe.
by qrs1 August 28, 2011
A multi-tasking piss where you sit down to urinate and at the same time wipe sweat off your ass to improve your hygiene a little.
I pulled a maintenance wipe during the commercial break. Now this show sucks marginally less
by Lunchbox Sandwitch July 17, 2009

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